2024 – Gulf Turbo Go Karts race

We would like to extend our gratitude to Gulf Turbo for their generous support of the 2024 Gulf Turbo Go Karts event held at Daytona Raceway on May 18, 2024.
The race took on a Le Mans-style format, featuring a thrilling 2-hour endurance challenge with 10 teams, each comprising 3 drivers. The victors were determined by the team that covered the greatest distance within the allotted 2-hour timeframe.
The competition showcased remarkable talent, with drivers demonstrating exceptional skills behind the wheel.

Here is also a short video from the event:

Here are the results:
3rd Place:
Team 5 with Kart no. 11
Antonio Merkouris
Panayiotis Hambalis
Anand Nair

2nd Place:
Team 8 with Kart no. 3
Constantinos Moyseos
Juan Camarillo
Oswaldo Trejo

1st Place:
Team 2 with Kart no. 2
Alexandros Stylianou
Andreas Alvanis
Ioannis Levasopoulos

Best times, teams breakdown etc. will follow soon on our webpage

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